Google Maps and alternative maps

As you know all use Google Maps at their everyday because Google Maps is a useful tool for navigation to a direction and creating own map. Read more at Create or open a map.

It is much easy for everyday to city, visiting friend/family, work and etc..

But unfortunately Google Maps has tracking for people. Of course there is an option for people to delete location history at Manage your Location History but it is perhaps not enough.

If you don’t want to get tracked by Google Maps then you have alternative for maps:

  1. OpenStreetMap – Wikipedia:
    A free og open source map which people use GPS devices. There is an app for OpenStreetMap:
  2. OsmAnd – Wikipedia:
    This mapping app is created using OpenStreetMap’s data but it also comes with a host of extra options you can use. (Source: Forget Google Maps. It’s time to try a privacy-friendly alternative)
  3. Apple Maps for iOS users – Wikipedia:
  4. HERE most for driver – Wikipedia: