Best graphics

Online Photo Editor



Fotor Editor


PicsArt Editor



Sumopaint – Online Image Editor


Klex (Browser, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS)


Charts  |  Google Developers


SculptGL – A WebGL sculpting app


Smart lossy compression



3D graphics

Blender (Windows, macOS, Linux)

Inkscape (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

Daz 3D (Windows, MacOS)

ZBrushCoreMini (Windows, MacOS)

Houdini Apprentice (Windows, macOS, Linux)








Paint.NET (Windows)

GIMP (Windows, MacOS and Linux)

Adobe Photoshop (Windows and MacOS)

Tamil language and keyboard layout

Tamil for Web browsers

Google Chrome

Change language at Google Chrome

Tamil Font Pack

Mozilla Firefox

Tamil Language Pack

Tamil Spell Checker for Firefox

ThamiZha! Solthiruthi(Tamil spellchecker)

Google Chromebook

Tamil 99

WebP for image web

WebP has much less size than PNG, JPG and other formats.

Google purchased WebP from On2 Technologies. Read more at Wikipedia:

How to convert png or jpg to WebP.

There are two different options:

  1. You can upload and convert png or jpg at online file converter:
  2. Download Google WebP Converter at:

Option 1 has limited files then else you have to purchase for extra files.

Option 2 have to get Adobe Photoshop and faster to convert many images to webp but it is not free for get Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to support WebP at WordPress then you have to choose two options:

  1. Any web hostings have support lossless compression to WebP. For example SiteGround has own WordPress Plugin as called SG Optimizer ( or
  2. You can also choose other options to download WordPress plugin if your web hosting haven’t support WebP:

Don’t forget to insert code to wp-config.php:


Computer Eye Strain

20-20-20 Vision is important for your health at office or homework because it is preventing your eyestrain.

20-20-20 Vision means that you take pause 20 second from monitor, go around 20 minutes outside or getting air at windows from the office or homework and 20-30 inc (50,8 cm – 76.2 cm).

Color temperature is important to use for monitor then let you know how to use night mode at:

Windows 10

Set your display for night time in Windows 10


How to use Dark Mode on your Mac

Google Chrome at Android, computer and iPhone/iPad

Browse in Dark mode or Dark theme

Dark mode theme at Firefox



  • Open the Settings app
  • Click “Display,” then toggle “Dark theme” on


Dark Mode in iOS 13:

  • Tap on the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness”
  • Select “Dark Mode”


Eyestrain – Diagnosis and treatment – Mayo Clinic

10 ways to address eye fatigue caused by displays

Google Maps and alternative maps

As you know all use Google Maps at their everyday because Google Maps is a useful tool for navigation to a direction and creating own map. Read more at Create or open a map.

It is much easy for everyday to city, visiting friend/family, work and etc..

But unfortunately Google Maps has tracking for people. Of course there is an option for people to delete location history at Manage your Location History but it is perhaps not enough.

If you don’t want to get tracked by Google Maps then you have alternative for maps:

  1. OpenStreetMap – Wikipedia:
    A free og open source map which people use GPS devices. There is an app for OpenStreetMap:
  2. OsmAnd – Wikipedia:
    This mapping app is created using OpenStreetMap’s data but it also comes with a host of extra options you can use. (Source: Forget Google Maps. It’s time to try a privacy-friendly alternative)
  3. Apple Maps for iOS users – Wikipedia:
  4. HERE most for driver – Wikipedia:

Installation and setup for Windows

Boot at BIOS/UEFI here:

Tap F12 when the Dell logo is displayed.
HPTap F9 when the HP logo is displayed.
LenovoTap F12 when the Lenovo logo is displayed.
AppleHold Option (next to the ⌘ key) when the computer first turns on.
ToshibaTap F12 or F2 when the Toshiba logo appears.
AcerTap F12 as the Acer logo appears.
OtherTry tapping Esc, F1-12, or Enter during bootup.


Windows 10

How to upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10

Follow instruction from article ‘Here’s how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade’

If you need to make backup of Windows 7/8 then do:

  1. Win + R then type Sdclt.exe
  2. Set up back-up

After backup of Windows 7/8 then download at Windows at Microsoft’s official website:

You have two choices:

  1. Install Windows 10 on desktop and upgrade
  2. Install Windows 10 to boot USB

If you have problem with upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro then follow the instruction at:

Unable to Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 Home

The instruction from the link:

  1. Open Registry Editor (WIN + R, type regedit, hit Enter)
  2. Browse to key HKEY_Local Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersionChange EditionID to Professional (double click EditionID, change value, click OK). In your case it should at the moment show Home
    Change ProductName to Windows 10 Professional. In your case it should at the moment show Windows 10 Home
  3. Browse to key HKEY_Local Machine > Software > Wow6432Node > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion, change the same two values as in steps 3 and 4 above
  4. Close the Registry Editor
  5. Insert the Windows 10 Pro installation media, do an in-place upgrade by launching the setup from desktop (not booting with Windows 10 Pro install media)
  6. When asked, enter your valid Windows 10 Professional product key and select what to keep (settings, personal files and apps, only personal files or nothing)
    Windows 10 Pro in-place upgrade will be done now.

World Federation of the Deaf 2019

I travelled to World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) congress in Paris, France from 23rd July to 27th July 2019.

I attended to the WFD congress for listen to deaf/hearing lectures from different countries, went to workshops and met old friends / new friends.

It was very exiciting experience at the congress!


Photos and videos at

Mere information:


WFD Congress Paris 2019 –

Programming Language

What do you want to learn in programming language?

You must first know what a programming language uses before you choose to learn any of the 10 programming languages.

Web Development

  1. CSS (Basic)
  2. HTML (Basic)
  3. Javascript (Advanced level)
  4. Java (Advanced level)
  5. Python (Advanced level)
  6. Ruby (Advanced level)

Mobile Development

  1. C#C Sharp
  2. C++
  3. Java

Game Development

  1. C
  2. C#C Sharp
  3. Java

Data Analysis

  1. R
  2. Python
  3. MatLab

Embedded System Programming

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Python

Read more at 4 Ways to Pick Your First Programming Language

Javascript have many libraries. Here are populars of Javascript libraries:

  1. Node.js (Written initially by Ryan Dahl in 2009)
  2. TypeScript (Developer by Microsoft)
  3. Vue.js (Vue was created by Evan You)
  4. AngularJS – (Developer by Google)
  5. React (Developer by Jordan Walke at Facebook)
  6. jQuery – (Developer by John Resig)