I’m Kumaran Kumarathurai.

I am a Danish, Tamil vegetarian deaf.
I like walking in the nature.
I live in Aarhus, Denmark.

I’m a freelance web developer.
When I’m not sitting into the computer or watching Netflix/HBO/Disney Plus, I’m walking out and making nature photography.

I am deaf and use Sign Language.

Check out my photography at Instagram

I usually take photographs of nature and landscape.

Check out my portfolios

I have made web design and media.


I like to communicate with you at mail or videochat (if you can sign language or use sign language interpreter). Smile.


I have experience in WordPress in many years. Just contact me if you need help.


I update my vlogger.

IT guide

I will update blogs about IT.

Instagram – update, update and update

I will always upload photos and videos to my Instagram.