Grading scale and ECTS

Grade Description ECTS UK U.S.
India Denmark
Excellent High level of command of all aspects – no or only a few minor weaknesses  A  1st  A+, A  60-100 %  12
Very good High level of command of most aspects – only minor weaknesses  B 2:1
 A-  55-59%  10
Good Good command – some weaknesses 2:2   B+,B  50-54%  7
Fair Some command – some major weaknesses  3rd  B-   43-49%


Adequate The minimum requirements for acceptance  Pass  C   35-42%  02
Inadequate Soes not meet the minimum requirements for acceptance  F X  Fail  D  0-34%  00
Unacceptable Unacceptable in all respects  Fail   0 %  -3


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